Preparation for the Ultrasound

Is a special diet required before an ultrasound?

There are no special diets required before an ultrasound. However, you may be instructed to drink extra fluids or abstain from eating depending on the type of ultrasound procedure.

What does the sonographer need to know before an ultrasound?

Before undergoing an ultrasound, you should let the sonographer know if you:
Are diabetic
Suffer from any allergies
Taking any medications
Recovering from surgery
If you are having an internal ultrasound you will need to inform the sonographer if you have an allergy to latex so that they use a latex-free probe cover.

What to bring for an ultrasound?

You may be asked to bring in previous images or scans for comparison. Everything else needed will be supplied by the sonographer.

How long will the ultrasound take?

Depending on the type of ultrasound and the part of the body being examined the procedure can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.
When you book your ultrasound appointment you will be given an estimate of how long the procedure will take.